Ban the aerial culling of Australian Wild Horses - Brumbies

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On the 19th December 2018 the Australian government implemented a strategy that resulted in an estimated 150 Heritage Brumbies being cruelly shot by alleged marksmen from helicopters against the wishes of 1000s of Australian citizens at the Singleton Army Base.
Even after the disastrous massacre at Guy Fawkes National Park which resulted in the ban of this barbaric act the ruling bodies saw fit to allow it to happen once again.
The mob of wild horses were pushed away from public eye and massacred in 4 hours of bloodshed wiping out a bloodline that had been present on the land long before the base.
Heavily pregnant mares and young foals many of whom would have been trampled under the feet of the mob were herded up only to die or be wounded in a hail of gunfire.
It is impossible to guarantee instant death in such circumstances and yet this was seen as a humane and only viable option.
These horses were not starving or sick. Just inconvenient to the Australian authorities .
This has got to stop now before a precedence is set allowing this to reoccur under the banner of management thus allowing the government to render the Heritage Brumbies an extinct species in the wild.
Please find the time to show those in a position of power to prevent such inhumane cruelty that the Australian people want their iconic symbol of freedom the Heritage Brumby to remain free to roam the outback of Australia without fear of persecution.