Reconsider your decision not to stand down Mr Vic Alhadeff from his position as the chairman of the community relations commission.

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In an email to members of the Jewish community last week, Mr Alhadeff condemned acts by Palestinian group Hamas during conflict ignited by the murder of Mohmad abu kudaira who was burnt alive last month. Mr Alhadeff's email, titled “Israel Under Fire”, criticised the “Hamas” for launching rockets on Israeli towns, saying families had been forced into shelters and “children kept from summer camp”. Israel would “do whatever is needed to defend its citizens. All options are on the table”, he said. He accused Hamas of “war crimes” for “indiscriminately” attacking civilians, claiming in contrast, Israel uses “care to avoid civilian casualties” and “pinpoint technologies to hit the targeted infrastructure”. We say to Mr Alhadeff that the targeted infrastructure are men women and children murdered in cold blood in an open air prison. The statement triggered outrage amongst Arab leaders in NSW, including Joseph Wakim, former Victorian Multicultural Affairs Commissioner and founder of the Australian Arabic Council, who described the views as “biased and provocative”. Mr Alhadeff ignored the attack on the Palestinian teenager and failed to mention “air and sea strikes that have already killed over 700 Palestinian civilians”. He has very clearly taken one side and said ‘here are the goodies and here are the baddies’. Do such statements build bridges and community relations, or wedge a wall between us and them? Mr Alhadeff’s appointment to the Community Relations Commission in December last year “should never have happened” because it created a serious conflict of interest. We call on Mr Alhadeff to relinquish his role as head of NSW community relation chief. A spokesman for Premier Mike Baird said Mr Alhadeff “has done an excellent job” as CRC chair but his statement "may be considered inconsistent” with promoting community harmony. The NSW wider community does not see that Mr Alhadeff is promoting community harmony but rather reiterating Israeli goverment statements. So we demand that the premier take action and listen to the wants of the NSW community by relenquishing Mr. Alhadeff of his duties immediately.

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