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Improve the care of Barbados's most vulnerable

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Six years ago, I suffered the loss of a wonderful man whom I considered to be my father at the age of 94. On several visits to Barbados made by myself and family we were struck by what we considered a dangerously relaxed attitude  to both the patients and the environment. On the passing of my Pa, the charity that was started in 1990 began to focus more on the elderly. It now supports a number of elderly who are now residents in homes by raising money, sending resources, personal care products, clothes, etc. 

With recent events concerning the care of our ederly published in the Barbados's media my concerns continue to grow and as it now touches me yet again, I am at a loss as to what will wake up Barbados. How many stories of neglect must we see? How many unnecessary deaths must be recorded before we see changes made in our Health and Social-Care institutions?

During October 2017 my great aunt of age 96 whom resides in a government care home was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital with a broken hip. I was contacted three days later with a request for permission to operate on her hip. During her stay of three weeks at QEH she developed uclers (bed-sores). To date I am still awaiting an explanation as to how the incident may have occurred. I was told by the doctor that no notes were handed over on her admission. She waited for a week after being discharged for transportation to be transfered to Beckles Road.

Coming from a nursing background, I was extremely worried as in my experience a broken hip at this age is often the beginning of the end. We are now witnessing a speedy decline of my aunt's motor skills and general health.

My family and I want changes made, not just for aunt for whom it may be too late, but for the ederly who built Barbados on their hands and knees, the future elderly and the other vulnerable of Barbados. There seems to be very little to no accountability in these institutions. Someone must be held accountable for the care or lack of care given to these individuals. 

We would be very grateful if you could leave comments about your experiences regarding the care of vulnerable individuals in your life.

Please sign our petition and let the Minister of Health know that Barbadians both overseas and at home are still very much concerned about the care of our elderly and vulnerable.

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