SA police invade Mosque and slander the Prophet Mohammed peace be on him

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The South African Muslims would like to draw your attention to Police brutality where  a group of police officials entered a place of worship in Mpumalanga  and used heavy handed tactics on a small number of unarmed and a non-confrontational group of worshippers. The situation escalated rapidly and a shotgun was shoved into a worshippers face. As muslims we are further enraged by slanderous comparison  made by the Police officers between our beloved Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and the President of South Africa. 

This petition is by no means to mitigate the illegal gathering of worshippers who with all due respect  must face the rule of law,for violating lockdown protocols but rather against the actions of the police officers whom added insult to injury when they entered the premises with shoes which is both a hostile act of contempt and a deliberate desecration against the Muslim place of worship. They spoke harshly and intimidated the worshippers who were cooperative and compliant.  
This hostile nature of the SAP officers appears to target a minority race group while they are inept and unresponsive to huge crowded lines of people moving freely within some townships  and not adhering to emergency protocols of social distancing.The possibility of a massive breakout of the corona virus is more likely to spread in these long crowded lines then in a small confined room. We also ask why are the Police acting with double standards? 
We recognise the seriousness and necessity of lockdown protocols and our compliance is an ultimate necessity. The worshippers have violated protocols but the subsequent action of the police with their unprovoked slur  on the Revered  Prophet of Islam is an insult and hurtful to Muslims at large. the words UTTERED by the officer are:

We demand an apology from the Minister for this un necessary and callous behaviour of the south african police involved in this incident  as well as  a stern discipline charged against these officers