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Stop Child Labor in Chocolate Industries

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Child labor is a serious problem that still remains in our society today. Children work under very harsh conditions, instead of having a normal and healthy childhood. We want to end child labor. With this petition we want to convince people that this is a horrible issue and we need to do something about it. Children work very hard under dangerous conditions. Parents should not let their child work for the family because not only is hard for them, it is  not appropriate and could be very harmful for their development. They can’t be sent to work at such a young age, they need to go to school, have friends and play. Parents are the ones who need to work for the family. They need to understand that this is very difficult for their children. Children deserve to grow up and have an education, they need to develop themselves physically and emotionally, they need to live a normal childhood. This petition will lead to a change, it’ll be the first step to end this problem.

This petition is very important so that the recipient can see what the big problem is.  This is because we need to inform everyone that child labor is not correct. We want this because we want for people to be informed about this problem that has never left. By informing the people running the company and everyone else it will be easier to impact the way of thinking about this problem. This is our goal, to inform and change the way of thinking of everyone. By this we believe that we will be able to make a change in the world and stop this child labor so that all the children that have been victims of this can finally be free.

The change that we want the recipient to make is to stop buying chocolate products from factories that use child labor, this will make companies realize that if they keep on using child labor they will make less profit. Chocolate companies should stop using child labor in chocolate factories because it is really cruel to the children that are exposed to this harsh conditions, instead of going to have an education at schools. The recipient should follow organizations that support stopping child labor in various areas like cotton, Chocolate, Shrimp and more, one organization that supports all of these reasons is the ILRF( International Labor Rights Forum ). Consumers should stop buying chocolates like Kit Kat and Hershey's because they use child labor to manufacture them. All of these actions will hopefully make the companies reduce the number of children working in factories making chocolate.

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