Bring Back Hershey's Chocolate Milk Mix Powder

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It may seem silly to some but for many years (early as the 60's) Hershey made a powdered chocolate milk mix (you're probably thinking of Nesquick now and why don't we just drink that or Hershey's syrup) and it was truly the best! It was a childhood staple for so many growing up and when we reached 2009/2010 we all discovered that it was being discontinued. People ran to their local stores to buy as many as they could when they realized it was disappearing, full expired canisters can be found on eBay occasionally but they are usually very expensive or very expired, sometimes both. 

So if its so great why not just drink chocolate milk, use Hershey's syrup or buy Nesquick right? Many used it for more than just chocolate milk, its delicious flavor was used in hot chocolate, ice cream, fudge, sandwiches, frosting, milkshakes & malts, and more! Nothing else has the same flavor or produces the same childhood memories. 

Sign the petition and help us tell Hershey's just how much we want to see the return of this delicious mix!