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Prosecute SGT John Russell, the Murderer of 5 U.S. Soldiers

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On May 9th, 2009, SGT John Russell killed 5 U.S. soldiers in the Combat Stress Clinic on Camp Liberty in Baghdad, Iraq. Many say he suffered from PTSD. However, PTSD and premeditated murder of five people are completely different.

John Russell waited until his escort drove him back to the company headquarters. When his escort got out, Russell locked the doors, grabbed his escorts' weapon, and then took control of the vehicle. He was in the right state of mind to drive 30 mph across the post (20-30 minute drive) without speeding, and to sit outside the CSC and smoke a cigarette. He also had the presence of mind to take his name tapes off of his uniform and hat. When he entered, he began shooting. He shot five innocent people in the head, one of them being my little brother, who didn't even have a weapon. None of the soldiers there had weapons, since the CSC requires you to sign them over at the front desk to prevent things like this. Russell shot five people in the head, and they weren't even armed. Worse still, he had been to meetings with a few of them, and they were U.S. Soldiers...just like him.

The prosecuting attorneys have over 40 witnesses showing that it was John Russell. And yet.... He is still being paid as a United States Soldier while he sits in Fort Leavenworth, not doing anything for our society but being a drain. E-5 pay, as if he deserves the right to claim himself an NCO, let alone a soldier of our great country.

It has been almost 3 years since this event... We are still waiting on a trial for this man. In the meantime, he gets to see his family, watch tv, and build up a case of what he is hoping to be deemed as PTSD. (He went and hired two civilian attorneys for himself, presumably with the money the military is still paying him.)

Please, sign this petition so that we may get a brutal murderer brought to justice.

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