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Bridgeport Harbor Station is an old, outdated coal-fired power station owned and operated by Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This enormous facility emits thousands of tons of asthma and cancer-causing pollution every year.

Bridgeport is a struggling community that doesn’t need this extra blight. The city has the fifth-highest poverty rate in the state. A 2008 study reported that about one-quarter of respondents have been diagnosed with asthma.

Six schools are within a mile of the plant. PSEG considers the coal it uses “clean” since it has a lower ash content; however, the coal is imported from the strip mines of Indonesia, furthering deforestation and habitat loss for species like orangutans.

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Letter to
Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy
Connecticut Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Dannel P. Malloy.

Shut down the Bridgeport Harbor Station

The Bridgeport Harbor Generating Station is a dangerous relic of a time when coal-fired electricity was a viable option for the citizens of Connecticut. Bridgeport Harbor emits thousands of tons of asthma and cancer-causing pollution in the community of Bridgeport yearly, and it does not provide power to the community. The people of Bridgeport and all of Connecticut deserve clean air, clean water, and a clean bill of health. Shut down Bridgeport station and move Connecticut forward towards a clean energy future.



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