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Stop the inhmane hunting of sharks

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Shark finning is arguably the most inhumane hunting method possible; the practice involves capturing a shark, cutting off its fins and then leaving the shark to bleed out. 

The aim of this petition is to put some pressure on governments around the world to ban the practice and to put pressure on those who have already banned it to create an embargo on the trade of shark fins

There are already regulations on the practice, such as the USAs ban of the practice, though it's not enough. These sharks are killed in such an inhumane way and it's utterly needless.

We understand that there is a demand for the food, though there's no reason to not at least put the beasts out of their misery; they can live for hours, bleeding out slowly and painfully in the very waters that they used to rule. 

We understand that there will be no outright bans made as a direct consequence of this petition, though our goal is not such a ban, it's regulating the hunting to be somewhat more humane.

This is a first step, no matter what you want long term for these sharks, be that an outright hunting ban or just new regulations to make the practice somewhat less barbaric. 

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