We want a Public Inquiry into the Historical Child Abuse on Caldey Island!

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Children have been historically sexually abused on Caldey Island. When the abused later spoke out they faced nothing but judgement and dismissal. Let us pressurise the Government to investigate this abuse, so that these victims can have some closure and to STOP the abuse of our children.

Kevin O'Connell was one of the abused. Coming to terms with it 18 months ago was when he confided in his wife of 30 years.

He came out publicly on an emotional Welsh TV Program called "Byd ar Bedwar" where he was taken back to Caldey Island to face his demons.

The Guardian News Paper states that 6 other victims had been paid for their silence..  WHY?

Kevin is determined that this abuse of trust is not to happen anymore and wants an investigation as to why this has been covered up for all these years.

An investigation started 29 years ago, but nothing has come of it..  we want as many signatures as possible to force the Government to continue with this investigation, and not let it be swept under the carpet for another 29 years!