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I am ashamed to admit this but today, I learnt that when you retire, your pension is something that is paid weekly to you and its not a lot, I am 22 years old, I am not stupid, but my thoughts were that when you retire, you get a big lump sum that you live on because of all the money you have put into your pension for all the time you have worked.

When I left school, I didn't take anything seriously because I wasn't taught to, all I was taught was how to do maths, how to read and write, to make my opinion on religion and how science works. None of that has benefited me in the slightest. All I did when I left school was waste my money on things I didn't need because I was never taught how to budget, I was never taught why I would need to budget. I still live with my parents so I don't need to worry about rent so I don't have a clue how any of that works. Students need to be taught how life really works when they leave school. If I was, then I would be a lot better off now, students need to know how life works and to me, the way it is taught in schools makes people think that life is a laugh and it's not.

People need an income to live, which is what schools fail to teach. I know a lot of people who didn't do well in school and they have successful jobs whereas I, did fairly well and it has taken me 6 years to finally land a job that I love with a decent paid wage. Its not ok, people may say that life doesn't revolve around money but you need money to live which is why pupils need to be taught how life will be when they leave school. For example, if you are lucky enough to earn enough money to save enough for a deposit on a house, to get a mortgage you need to make sure that you're in a permanent job and that you don't have bad credit. 

Owning a credit card can be fun when you have no money left, but when you realise you need to pay what you owe and MORE back and you cant afford it, that's when things go wrong. It is the same with loans, you borrow and you give back much more than you took. When you own a home, you need things like home insurance, which means if anything goes wrong or if anything is damaged in your home which is no fault of your own, you get money back to sort of replace the damage. You also have building insurance which means if something happens like your roof caves in, you are given money to replace the damage and stay elsewhere while its being repaired. A lot of people don't know this, the place where I work, I take a lot of calls to do with this and that is why I am clued up on it, not because I was taught this.

A lot of people are in careers where they do everything for next to nothing, I know this, I was a carer for 3 months, I worked 12 days in a row for over 12 hours a day for less than £300 a month. I loved the job itself but the company I was with did not support you when you had issues or when you needed to report a safeguarding issue. I did not want to be associated with a company who let carers continue to abuse their clients even though they were reported.

If I didn't know any of this until recently this year, then what makes you think your child will? People struggle to buy homes nowadays, the living cost is going up and the wage isn't changing, how are people expected to live comfortably? Everyone already knows the poverty we have in this country, yet nothing is done about it. There is a scheme where with your bank you can open a ISA savings account and the most you can put into it each month is £200. If you save up so much, the government will you a percentage of what you have saved to help you buy a house. So if that's the maximum you can put in and you need £12,000 to get the full percentage, it would take you 5 years to save up enough to get the full percentage. But sometimes, people are in situations where they cannot wait that long because of personal issues. 

All of this comes down to, people aren't taught all of this at a young age where they can be prepared for this, because lets be honest, if people were prepared, there wouldn't be so much unemployment and poverty in the country and this is what needs to change. Maths, Science and English are all mandatory, I get that, you do need to learn to count, to work out sums, how to read and write and how to know how things work on a daily basis but you only really need these things mostly if you want to be a teacher in them fields. But Art, P.E (people will be active if they want to be, you cannot force people to be), Childcare, Health & Social etc, Religion & Geography are subjects that are NOT important in life. People learn about Childcare and Health & Social as they grow, people learn how to have opinions on Religion as they grow up and read the news if they are clued up and people will learn about Geography when they go on holiday and when they realise they may want to travel. None of these subjects made a significant change in my life, the only thing I ever liked about school was seeing my friends every day. Nothing else, I learnt NOTHING. 

Please sign this petition, if this gets to 10,000 signatures, the government have to respond and if it gets to 100,000 signatures, this petition will be up for debate in parliament. Please think about what you want taught to your present and future children.



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