Downtown Nassau is Disgusting: Fix It Bahamas!!!

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Downtown Bay Street is a disgrace. Let's drive our Government to do better. Here is what we want to see:

1a. Improve the state of Port Area Bathrooms - Improve the appearance and conditions of the public bathrooms opposite Festival Place at Prince George Wharf. These are the first and the last bathrooms that cruise visitors see in Nassau. They are also some of the few public bathrooms downtown. 

1b. Add a changing station for babies and toddlers. It's 2018.

2. Wheelchair Accessibility - Modify and improve the state of the sidewalks to ensure that they are all wheelchair accessible.

3. Fix and improve the appearance of all lamp posts and street signs, especially those with exposed wires. 

It won't change if we don't take action NOW! Sign this petition TO BE HEARD!

#LetsDoBetterBahamas #FixItBahamas