Implementation of a Conch Season in The Bahamas

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Recently there have been several reports predicting that the queen conch could soon disappear as a result of overfishing in The Bahamas. This petition is to propose that the government of The Bahamas implement a conch season opening October 1 and closing May 31 (closed June 1 - September 30). The closed months are documented as a part of the main reproductive period of the species.

It is understood that there is concern that the conch plays a major role in our economy (especially with small business) and the loss of it for any period of time can negatively effect a lot of people. However, we have to decide if we would prefer to lose conch for a few months or forever. 

A long term solution which could be worth looking in to is the establishment of a conch farm to be owned and operated by the government (possibly under BAMSI). This farm would only sell conch during the months which the season is closed and ONLY to licensed vendors.

Therefore, I urge you to sign this petition and to encourage our leaders to take action before all we have of conch is the memories of what it used to taste like.