Massive COVID-19 testing now!

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The recent recognition, by pretty much everyone, that more COVID-19 testing needs to be done, doesn't mean that we can relax and trust that it will be done. Do you feel relaxed and comfortable that the Ford government will co-ordinate seamlessly with Public Health and frontline healthcare workers to produce a plan for how testing will rollout as we move from the pandemic peak to preventing the disease from rebounding? OF COURSE NOT! GET THE BLAZES ACTIVE AND PUSH FOR MORE TESTING, AND SMARTER TESTING! Please be aggressive with working your contacts and sharing! Write your MPPs and Premier Ford!

COVID-19 testing in Ontario is being ramped up, but not fast enough. We are still flying partially blind. You may have heard that we have "caught up" on the testing back log. But this is using criteria for testing that are way, way too narrow. Without adequate testing we don't know who needs to be isolated and who can work. The WHO and almost all credible authorities recommend a massive amount of testing. A very rapid ramp up of testing capabilities was part of the success story in South Korea. Every component in the testing chain needs to be readily available from swabs to reagents to lab technicians to PCR machines to test results. 

Please help increase testing. Lives are at stake!