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Accra: Africa’s Most Expensive and Most Polluted City…Africa,2017 Tema Motorway now a Dumping Site Citifmonline,January, 2018 Accra Is Soo Dirty… Australia High Commissioner, January, 2018 .

 The Accra- Tema Motorway is one of Ghana’s most important roads because it is an extension of the Trans-Ecowas route. It is widely used by Ghanaians, foreigners, and visitors daily. The embarrassing state of our much cherished Accra-Tema Motorway is that of hopelessness.

Our Accra-Tema Motorway; a historic monument, has become a dumping ground for rubbish and settlement for squatters who have settled along the whole stretch. The industries sited on the stretch and ‘Borla Taxis’ cart rubbish and dump them on the motorway at night!.

This issue needs to be addressed now! We are fast losing our National Pride and as citizens, we must put pressure on those who have been put in authority to solve this problem. The authorities need to do their work without excuses.

Clean Ghana Army(CGA) is embarking on #CleanTheMotorwayNow Campaign with the aim of putting immerse pressure on the various metropolitan and municipal assemblies that are responsible for the motorway as well as other public institutions like the Ghana Highway Authority, the EPA and the Ministry of Sanitation to do the following ;

1. Get the whole stretch of the motorway throughly cleaned of the filth, the heap of rubbish on both sides of the road.

2. Take steps to remove all squatters by the motorway...

3. Take steps to put a policing mechanism in place to ensure people do not dump rubbish on the motorway at anytime of the day and nights

4. Take steps to control those who operate the borla taxis to ensure that they do not dump their rubbish on the motorway when no one is watching

5. Put mechanisms in place to ensure that drivers do not drop their toll tickets on on the motorway and also passengers don’t litter the motorway.

6. Install street lights on the motorway to reduce the crimes of dumping of rubbish on the motorway among others.

Its imperative we note that the slums developing along the motorway fall under about four or five assemblies. These slums are extensions of top notch communities from TMA, LEKMA, ADMA, AMA, ASHMA, KKDA.