Help us save the last natural surfing beach in Dubai

Help us save the last natural surfing beach in Dubai

13,553 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dubai Surfers
‘Sunset Beach’ (a.k.a Umm Suqeim Open Beach) is the last natural beach in Dubai that receives surfable waves. New plans to extend an existing marina and carry out land reclamation in the immediate area just offshore of the beach will block all waves and will deprive tourists, expats and locals of the last place to surf in Dubai.
The negative impact will affect the communities built around surfing in the UAE; taking away a healthy and natural outdoor sports activity from Dubai’s offerings, potentially causing ecological and environmental disruption to the natural habitat offshore and diminishing the appeal for tourists who enjoy discovering that surfing is possible in Dubai.

Previous petitions in 2007 & 2014 succeeded in stopping development on Sunset Beach because Sheikh Mohammed saw how many people would be affected. This new round of petitioning in 2018 and onwards is a continuation of the request to reconsider the development and perhaps reach a permanent compromised solution that would optimise the sustainability for this particular stretch of Dubai’s coastline. We would like this petition to serve as a reflection of the sentiments from residents in Dubai who’s lifestyle is enriched by being able to visit and use this iconic beach. We need EVERY SINGLE one of you, your friends, family, coworkers, teachers, etc to sign this to help protect the last surfing beach in Dubai.

Personal story
Umm Suqeim Open Beach, or ‘Sunset Beach’ as it known amongst the community, is a national treasure.

It is the last remaining natural surf beach in Dubai that receives uninterrupted swell as it is not blocked by off shore construction.

As the closest public beach to the world famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, this beach sees thousands of tourists every day and millions of visitors every year.

It is also home to an ever growing beach and watersports community that visit daily and weekly to enjoy the idyllic water temperatures and waves.

Sunset Beach faced a potential closure in 2007 which was ceased by HH Sheikh Mohamed following a petition of over ten thousand signatures.



In 2014, news of another development instigated another petition raising international coverage and seemingly holding off any building for another few years.



Current plans announced now look to threaten this natural beach and its waves yet again.

This petition has been re activated to channel support in keeping Umm Suqeim beach protected and open for surfers and water sports enthusiasts to enjoy its waves throughout the year.

Previous petition: already 2970 signatures.
13,553 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!