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The Government Is Preventing The Importation Of Harmless Children's Toys!

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Recently, Australian Customs, QLD police and NSW police have been in collusion to prevent ordinary Australian citizens from owning children's toys! They are preventing the import of Gel ball blasters, a product that is rapidly growing in popularity globally.

The items in question are completely harmless and fall under the soft projectile toy category just like the popular NERF style gun that can be bought at a range of different retailers. They represent a more adult take on these popular children's toys.

Customs have Seized an entire shipping container worth of these toys from retailers in QLD, who are honest hard working individuals that run local small businesses. The NSW police have even forced a retailer in Sydney to close his door pending investigation. These are TOYS for heavens sake!!!! Is this how we want our tax dollars spent, the government censoring our toys!?

We believe the government has gone too far with their powers and need to be brought in to line with what Australians really want. What we are asking is not unreasonable, dangerous, immoral or unethical. We are simply asking for the right to import harmless children's toys.

Please show support for our petition and forward to anyone who is sick to death of the government telling them what to do. If we don't take a stand somewhere, then what is next for them to decide we can't be trusted with.


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