Inquests into suicide should be private not public

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I would like to put a stop to the press reporting on the intimate details of how a person takes their own life and also make ALL inquests a private family matter. It is not in the public interest to know exactly how a person took their own life, all the public need to know is that a person has taken their own life. The upset and trauma the press cause to families by reporting on the details is deeply upsetting and is a reminder of what is already a harrowing time for them. I have personal experience of this after my son took his own life. My local press were able to report the exact details of his death, how he was found and even his address, without my permission. Why do the public need to know where my son lived? This kind of reporting needs to stop and stop now. The press have no idea of the lasting damage they cause to families when they report the exact details. They have no respect for the families or for the victims. The actual cause of death should remain a private matter. Please sign this petition and help me put a stop to the press reporting on this. I thank you for your support.