Change the hit and run laws regarding cats

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My cat was recently hit by a car. I went outside  alone at night looking for her since she hadn’t come in yet, and found her dead on the side of the road. Her face was all bloody and her jaw was open, showing her sharp teeth. She looked distressed and vulnerable and her eyes had popped out of her sockets. It was such a scary sight to see her in such a way I had never seen her before and I keep seeing images of her like that now that I can hardly remember her the way I knew her. She looked nothing like herself. She was a kind, gentle, beautiful cat and the last time I saw her she was destroyed. The state I saw her in has caused me and my family a great amount of trauma, which could have been minimised even if only slightly if we had been informed of her death right after the incident had happened. If we had been told straight away we could have rushed her to the vet in attempt to save her and it would have saved the heartbreak. A lot of cats who face injuries due to being hit by cars still manage to survive if treated right away, but our beloved Fefe did not get the chance. Even if she couldn’t have been saved, finding out exactly what happened and not being left feeling confused and shocked would have been more comforting. I think it was incredibly irresponsible and selfish for the driver to not confess their actions. She had identification - she was wearing a collar and was microchipped and was right next to the street in which she lived. Even if her collar hadn’t been checked by the driver, it was obvious she came from the street, and it would not have taken long to find her owners from a street with no more than 8 houses. An event that the driver would not have thought about for more than a few minutes, hours, or a day at most, will leave us feeling terribly sad and empty forever. I can’t believe they didn’t even have the decency to apologise or tell us about the accident (I am giving benefit of the doubt in assuming it was an accident) They will never understand how much this cat meant to us, we took her in not long after losing a previous cat to leukaemia, she was desperate of a home and we were determined to give her all our love and do everything we could for her. She was family. We lived abroad and spent a big sum of money to fly her over to the uk with her companion Midnight, who is still with us and loved her as well, and was also distressed about the incident. We waited in London for several hours waiting to pick her up and spent 3 hours driving her to our home late at night. We kept her in as long as we could but she was a free spirit, and had to be outside. It was where she was most happy. She spent most of her time outside in our garden climbing trees and in the field behind our house. It was unfortunate she had been near the road at the wrong time and we do take responsibility in the fact she was outside, but we do not live on a busy street, we live in the countryside next to a road that is mainly quiet, and had a fairly low speed limit. We have seen many drivers speeding on this road multiple times and if they had been obeying the speeding rules and been less careless we could have still had our baby with us. The least they could have done was informed us. And I think it is absolutely unacceptable that they didn’t. 

Alot of cat owners will have experienced this horrible situation and I hope that by making sure there is a law in place for informing someone when you hit a cat with your car, it may help let the owners feel more comfortable knowing who did it and how and when it happened, as well as make drivers more careful not to hit cats as often. It is illegal to hit a dog or an animal of a similar size and keep quiet, but there is no law for cats. I think this is highly unfair, as the majority of deaths caused by road and traffic accidents are cats. 

I accept that in most cases, running over a cat is an accident, so I am not saying there should be a fine for doing it. But if someone is to hit a cat they should take responsibility for their action and contact someone as soon as possible, whether it’s the owner or the vet. I think that those who do not do so should be faced with a fine.