Ban Animal Cruelty WORLDWIDE

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im sorry but what is wrong with people who abuse animals. its just like hurting a human for christs sake. they 99% of the time dont ever do anything wrong to you or anyone and you will go and abuse the fuck out of them. why would you want to kick, throw, burn, drown etc precious animals that have done nothing but love and cared for you. the fact that you can do that to an animal says that you would be more an okey to do it to a human. animals carry a lot of human traits from watching and learning from us. if you treat them properly they will listen to you and they will obey you but if you dont do any of that, THEY FUCKING WONT DO IT. hurting animals is like hurting people and seeing that people do it for A LIVING honestly kills me inside. they dont deserve to be treated as bad as some of them are getting treated. people film their animals getting abused by THEM. they film videos of them getting drowned, burned, thrown, kicked BURNED WITH BLEACH and no one does anything about it. not doing anything about it, is as bad as doing the harm to the animals. so thats why i have made this petition to show awareness to the stupid shit that people are doing to our animals. ((pls excuse my language in this, i am just annoyed and mad at all the people who are doing this to their/others animals))

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