Back British Farming, they’re too important to ignore. Ban unstunned slaughter in the U.K!

Back British Farming, they’re too important to ignore. Ban unstunned slaughter in the U.K!

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Charlie Smithem started this petition to The Government


Dear Theresa may,

I have sent your MPs and yourself emails and had no replies so let’s see if the power of social media can get the message across.

My name is Charlie Smithem I’m 18years old and I’m speaking on behalf of all British farms and the vast majority of the British public. I work on my dads farm in the heart of Derbyshire. The farm he built from scratch. t’s an incredible farm and I love what I do. In fact I wouldn’t change it for the world!!! We farm beef cattle here and run a herd of suckler cows which I’m in charge of and we Also have sheep, goats ect ect... it’s amazing! It’s the best thing ever. However, all we seem to do is put money into the farm and see little in return and if it wasn’t for me showing my interest my father would sell the lot and just keep the other business we run as the farming side isn’t the one that pays the bills! I can’t thank enough how delighted I am not only to be born, bred and raised in such a magnificent country but to of had the opportunity to share my love, dedication, passion and determination to such an amazing job and life, to of had the opportunity to farm here in Great Britain. However, things are changing and they’re changing fast and my job, my life, my career and my dream lies in your hands. Someone’s got to farm and I doubt it’s you!
all you are doing is ignoring this?

1 in 3 farms will fail, you will just let them fail!! Why?? The trouble is with all you in Parliament you are pushing out our small family farms who hold the country together and you are wanting the bigger farms to get bigger and less off. What I mean buy this is you want mega and factory farming or as we call it industrial farming just because you can earn more out of that than our small family farms who love and care for our land and livestock.

Do we all really want this? Do we really want all our farms to go? Do we really want to see just a couple of huge mega farms around the country that feed the nation? Or would we all sooner have our small caring traditional family farms plotted around? It’s disgraceful and this country is thinking wrong! The people in Parliament aren’t listening to the people of this country.

When my father was my age he was determined to make something of his life and so he did. He’s worked all his life, he’s paid his taxes all his life. He’s built his own farm and business from scratch without any help! Yes it nearly killed him from all the stress and yes it gave him a heart attack and all you can say is “let them fail” it’s heartbreaking!! This country seems to forget our hardest workers everytime. Do you realise that nearly every week a farmer takes their life? It is killing us physically and mentally! 

it would be a dream to meet you in real life but the chances of that happening are very slim so therefore I can only express my thoughts and feelings in a email to you. I just wanted to ask you a few questions, questions which have played on my mind for many many year.

Farming is the most important industry in the world and With the EU withdrawal Bill now working its way through Parliament The first Agriculture Bill for a generation is also on its way and must be seized as a golden opportunity to build a system that works for British farmers.

British food and farming is worth a staggering 112 billion to the U.K. economy, more than the aeronautical and automotive manufacturing sectors combined – and represents around 3.8 million jobs. it’s a huge sector and an important one! Just after the Second World War, Britain was the most efficiently farmed country in the world. Since joining the EU, British farmers have been forced to be inefficient so that land can be set aside or only used for recreational purposes so that foreign farmers can get the benefit of higher prices for their meat and vegetables. I long for the day when Britain has no need to import meat and vegetables, the basics of human existence, and we become practically self-sufficient again in farm produce. Our British farms are rapidly dying out due to a lack of support just because you can earn a couple of quid by importing the foreign rubbish. The British public are being lied too, it all comes down to you. Us british farmers have been ruled out and dragged down Just so foreign farmers can see the benefits of what they’re producing whilst us British farmers struggle to sleep due to the uncertainty of our futures.

when us farmers sell our products the price is always low but when a farmer is buying the price is always high! Somebody at the beginning or near the end of the chain is making some serious money. But it’s not the farmer.

Mr Gove Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom or should I say Secretary of State for environment and rural affairs of the United Kingdom promises to maintain subsidies till the end of this Parliament in 2022. But read the small print, and the subsidies will be cut. These are what keep farming going and if everyone had to pay the real price for food no one would afford to live. As my father says “when I was your age I remember when farmers could sell 2 maybe 3 cows and it would by them a brand new tractor, today we would have to sell our whole herd of over 100 and that probably wouldn’t buy a new one that will meet the needs of today’s farming” most tractors today cost more than houses and times are changing but the equipment we need to farm today are going up day by day and the products we produce such as our cattle have stayed the same price if not devalued. This is why most farmers are still using equipment that’s over 30/40 years out of date. Where does the maths add up there? However, it’s just like the subsidies, they don’t benefit us farmers, in fact they do very little. Why? Because you aren’t Paying farmers your just paying land owners which is immoral and wrong!! Why not rethink the subsidies and actually pay us farmers and not the land owners who buy more and more land.

The majority of food (60%) consumed in the UK is grown on British farms and we are (75%) self-sufficient in beef leaving us plenty of room for our home market and We can get this nearer to 100% if we try and work together. Why not pay us farmers for what we actually produce then therefore we will be more productive as we will be aiming to produce more to meet targets ect ect...then you wouldn’t have to import a third of our food from foreign countries. We need someone in parliament to differentiate the difference between land owners and farmers. Subsidies us for the products we produce and the quality of what we produce and we will be aiming not only to meet needs to produce more but to get standards higher and higher year on year for the quality of what we produce to meet consumer needs. By doing this Performance and the quality of our products will only increase to keep world leading standards at number 1.

The Government and supermarkets have pressured farmers to increase yields to feed the nation, now everything is all the Farmers fault. Do they really think that Famers do not wish to look after the soil and environment after all it's their main asset. Typical Government, everyone is to blame except them.

many farmers do look after their land to 'the overwhelming majority'. It's how they make a living after all. It's complete nonsense to suggest that a farmer will destroy the environment and wildlife just as a factory owner won't smash up his factory, Without his soil and without the wildlife there will be no farm.

And not to forget that agriculture is the only business where the producer gets told how much their product is worth. Most people set hourly rates and people price their product accordingly so they can calculate profit margins, business forecasts and can actually plan ahead for the future.

We need to stop being told how to farm. We need to stop being told what to do. Let us farm and let us put the food on your plates! The trouble is with this country It usually takes a war to wake us up to food security and the importance of our farmers and What I find bizarre about the Brexit debates is that almost no one talks about our food supply.

I wonder now if the non-existent Food Plan is simply to import ever more, from wherever land and labour are cheap.
In other words, in about 30 months, the UK must have sorted how it is to be fed – by whom, on what terms, at what price, with what impact. At present, no-one seems to have a clue. The trouble is with Mr gove he seems to be all for the environment and he’s destroying our farmers, we need someone to see the importance of our farmers and the work we actually do as we share our daily life’s protecting and creating our beautiful countryside, this is part of the job.

as the government you should actually stands up and support us British farmers and if you did you would have all my respect and If you really supported us British farmers like you seem to say then why haven’t anyone got of their backsides and stood up on behalf of us and 99.9% of the British public and put a stop to the bruital slaughter under the name of halal and kosher, or as we have to say “unstunned”

It’s horrible having to wake up every morning knowing our livelihoods are at risk? You know why? Because thousands of people are being brainwashed about British farming and we all should be promoting not turning our back to it. We are the core of the earth and the importance of all human life, something which is forgotten and that’s is us farmers every time. If they keep vanishing they are just now there will soon be none left at all, the trouble is yes we might have some of the highest standards in the world and yes we might have some of the best farmers but farmers here are of an age and what I mean is that they are mainly all old and there isn’t enough youngsters coming into the industry mainly because it’s not promoted enough but also because the amount of work and time needed for the job and people today just seem to laid back. I’m a livestock farmers and therefore get very little sleep and you know why? Because I care, because us livestock farmers care and we are the ones who are up 24/7 attending to our stock and making sure they are housed, watered, fed, healthy, happy, stress free, pain free and simply well cared for. If only you could see this! If the livestock hadn’t been fed then we don’t eat untill they have. They come first, they’re the priority. I understand how hard it is as it’s me who runs the farming side alone. Yes alone at 18. From calving cows, the medicines, the sleepless nights, the cold winter months ect... oh, not to forget the bloody paperwork!!! i do the lot and it’s hard work but I love it! If Only you knew.

don’t get me wrong there’s a bad apple in every basket but the vast majority love and care for our stock amazing and we assure that they have the best life from birth to fork. Something which they at least deserve! You will see this if you look at my page (young beef farmer, Charlie smithem)

It’s just like badger culling, stop listening to the uneducated public who know nothing about it.

Lets vaccinate them shall we? For what? To let it come down the food chain into our mouth?

What about our cows? I’ve had to stand and watch cows be shot in front of me and their throats slit open because of Tb and to top it off they were only weeks of calving!!! People seem to forget our livestock and the heartache the Badgers cause.

We have scientific evidence that they are the cause for our decline in hedgehog numbers, ground nest birds and our bumble bee nests and where they have been controlled not only has Tb seen a massive decline but wild life has made a huge come back.

Get out of the townie life and come and visit the countryside and see it for yourself. You will wake up and see what cruel and heartache really is.. our livestock suffer a slow painful death for what! Because someone once seen a badger and decided to protect it!!

We don’t want every badger dead, all we want is for their numbers to be maintained at a sustainable level for the country just like the human population. Remember, they have no natural predators so the only thing that’s going to happen is they are going to increase and destroy everything in their path!!!

Nothing in this world suffers like our livestock does when it gets struck with Tb. If these anti badger protesters seen it believe me they wouldn’t protect them much longer. It broke me, in fact words can’t describe what i had to go through and what can we do? Cows we’ve had for years the ones I loved and bonded with just to be killed painfully and fully grown babies to fall out of them and farmers can’t do at thing. Nothing! and if we fight to stop it, it’s us getting slaughtered. The government don’t care and the public don’t understand, they couldn’t give a flying hell and not to forget the compensation cover. Pennies, that’s all we get. Nothing will cover the heartache and pain we have to experience.

It’s horrid having to wake up every morning knowing that you and everyone else seems to think that us farmers seem just just think we see our animals as just 4 legged creatures that we can make money out of!!! It’s such a shame because this isn’t true and if only you knew. We love our stock and care for it amazingly and believe me if we did it for money we’d all be dead. Just remember, asset value is different from having money in the bank.

I will continue to eat meat and support our british farmers for rest of my life, you know why? Because I know our stock has the best life they all can possibly have, I know British farmers are the leaders in animal welfare standards and we have the best in the world! I know Britain is one of the best country’s and I will continue to support it!
Britain is the best and it’s the British farmers who keep it the best, yet we seem to be forgotten everytime.

You pay for what you get and this is why our British food is more expensive because you are paying for the high welfare standards unlike the foreign crap which is cheaper because the animals are not kept up to standards like ours. We have the best!

The one thing that scares me. It’s okay for those who go to university and colleges for 10/20 maybe 30 years of their life’s but unless you’ve gone out and done it in real life you will never understand and what i mean by this is it’s easy sitting behind a desk pushing a pen and making decisions but unless you’ve got out and farmed for yourself then I’m sorry you’ll never ever have any such understanding about the industry, the time, the work, the paperwork, the cold winter months, the heartache and it’s time you all starting listening to the farmers instead of all the uneducated public who have no idea of how the industry work. people today don’t even know their born and a good days work would kill most of them! The vast majority of the young generation (my generation) don’t even know where their food comes from.

I wouldn’t dare disrespect the older or anyone for that matter. The trouble is today and the reason why there’s so much crime is because there’s not enough punishment. A good crack round my backside didn’t do be any harm when I was naughty. I was taught wrong from right and it’s made me who I am today.

Listen to us real brits. Halal And Kosher meat or as we now have to say “unstunned” Must Be Completely Banned In the U.K.
That Includes the sale and slaughter.
It Condones cruelty To Animals And is Not acceptable To the British public.
It is offensive to every Christian Living In the U.K. And it is morally Wrong In our Civilisation. Our farmers including myself love and care for our stock amazingly and it’s such a shame you don’t see this, it doesn’t bother me the fact the our animals go to markets and abattoirs you know why? Because I know they’ve been cared for at the very best standards, I know they’ve had a good life and therefore I will continue to support the industry. On the other hand what does upset me is that it’s down to a small minority who give the rest of us a bad name!! the animals have been kept at such high standards just to have their throats slit under the EU laws which put religion before animal welfare!

All slaughter Must be done as Humanly As possible because once that animal has been slaughtered under the name of halal or kosher it is no longer in any way shape or form British and the public are being miss lead and lied too.

The people Of Britain Wish to remain a civilised Society Not a Barbaric one. we denounce HALAL & KOSHER MEAT in our country and if you actually ruled out a survey I can guarantee that 99.9% of the British public would vote against the barbaric way and support you.

All those That wish To live in the U.K. Must accept And abide by our Laws and Principles and you should make sure of this!
British people are against halal and kosher slaughter.

Under UK animal welfare legislation, all animals must be stunned before slaughter to render them insensible to pain. Its full captive bolt stun that should be done as just stunned they can recover from as they’re not rendered unconscious. However, EU laws have an exemption permitting non-stun slaughter for religious purposes, for example in halal and kosher meat. The UK government implements these exceptions.

Halal and kosher slaughter is a barbaric way to slaughter an animal. Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and the Netherlands have banned halal slaughter, and as an animal loving nation, we are insisting the same happens in the UK. We are angry at the Government and food industry for pandering to the MINORITY group that want halal and kosher foods, and we stand up and set an example that the halal and kosher slaughter method is wrong. It is completely unnecessary because the people who eat this food can say a prayer over the food which enables them to eat it. We are a predominantly Christian country and we demand that you follow the wishes of the British people. We insist all animals are stunned prior to slaughter. The Danish PM said animal rights have to come above religious rights, and I couldn’t agree me! Animal rights, animal welfare, come before any religious beliefs and we believe that in the year 2018, this is true. As well as the cruelty, Christians and Sikhs are forbidden to eat halal and kosher and since it is unlabelled, our religious rights are being violated. We therefore insist that all animals are stunned prior to slaughter, and that all halal and kosher foods are banned in this country. We have fought many years to be a civilized nation and we will not let those standards drop to barbaric practices because of a minority living in our country. We didn’t fight two wars for nothing you know!!!

To all those that live in Britain they must adapt to our values, custom’s and high standards. We will Not allow our standards to drop for the sake of a few. Great Britain used to rule and Was seen as one of the biggest empires in the world. Now all this country is, is a shanty town and it’s getting worse by the day here in Britain have some of the best animal welfare standards than anywhere else in the world, we have one of the best health services than anywhere else and there is no one who promotes and supports this country more than I do but I’m a great believer that it’s time we had someone in power who stood up and listened to what us brits actually want and not themself’s. it’s having a huge impact on us all. Are you going to throw away what we have left, what we fought two wars for? I won’t let you! people are forcing themselfs to give up on meat simply because they are being brainwashed but because they don’t agree with our livestock being slaughtered in such a barbaric way!! If only most knew how good and well we actually treat them!!! It’s such a shame.

“We as a country need to stand up and support our British farmers” this start at you mrs May! Educate the public, show the public the importance of British agriculture and please be the one who actually listens to what the British public and British farmers want because nearly everything in your everyday life has been created in some way by a farmer and it’s all took for granted!

I will not sit back and let the world go by, life’s to short and I will make sure my voice is heard and I will make sure I make a difference. After all our farmers are the backbone of this country. The thing is with all you in Parliament you speak from your brains. Something of which is either very small or lacking something. Speak from your hearts and actually act to make a difference. As they always say “those that are clever have no common sense”

As I always say who are we to say which animals are greater than others. Who are we to say we are better than anyone else. We are nothing but human, and nothing more than human beings and we are all equal! but it doesn’t take an expert to understand the basics of life, what the people of Britain want, and what’s right from wrong in our world because in the end it doesn’t matter what a great car you had, how much money you had in your bank account or how big your house was. What really counts is the difference you made in the world, the people you helped and how you’ll be remembered. (Just like some of my old teachers)

If you can deliver this or at least give me a reply you will have my greatest respect, in fact you will have my vote in the next election and I’m sure there are millions of others who are willing to support you. please don’t let this be something that’s thrown in the trash with everything else. If you want to win the vast majority of people and voters, this is the way. People will look up to you with respect and greatness!

I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I simply don’t care!! I’m not racist I’m just standing up for not only what I believe in but what I know is right.

7,276 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!