Pl vote to find, real causes of "Climate Change", that are destroying Polar "Ice Glaciers"

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World`s Glaciers are getting melted due to chemical reaction of falling "acidic rain or acidic snow" to Glacier`s ice sheet. Any assumed effects of Global Warming due to CO2 is not the major cause of the problem. Specifically if most of "ice melting" is happening in minus temperature environments, then warming concept is out of question. 


The assumption for Carbon Dioxide to cause Global Warming and Climate Change is not real, but instead other atmospheric gases like Sulfur gases, Nitrite gases, Chlorine compound gases have huge effect on Climate change by lowering the freezing point of Ice in "World`s Snow covered areas".

These gases make weak acid in atmosphere, when come in contact with rain & snow. These various acids when coming down, not only melts Earth`s ICE glaciers, but also dissolves "soil calcium and soil bindings". These results coastal flooding, mud slides/earthquakes or cracks/holes on earth surface.  


Plus Ocean is Polluted chemically by these acidic precipitation, this is in addition to the chemicals coming to Ocean via residential/industrial sewage drains.

Ocean Pollution with increased chemicals kills fish lives and destroy water plants in depth of the Ocean. Further Ocean pollution play role to disengage Ice glaciers from shoreline and results huge cracks on top surface after bottom is eaten out and unstable.


Now as per reports, "ICE in polar regions" are being melted even below freezing point is alarming and in this situations the Global Warming factor is misleading to the real causes.


My team made 4 basic studies on Environment issue.
We found, all collected rain samples were acidic and they do accelerate the melting on frozen ice.

This means, rain water mix with Greenhouse gases forms a weak acid, that lowers the freezing point of ice in " Polar regions and all other high altitudes in the World ".

I feel the Environment investigators or scientists does not have correct direction to address the matter.

 We should keep in mind, the earth may have temperature change less than 3% since last 100 years. On the other hand Greenhouse gases are increased roughly by more than 50%  since several decades.

The melting of Ice below freezing temperature in Antarctica is un-explained phenomenon.

So, for most of Scientist who are only watching Antarctica temperature readings with all kinds of temperature meters all year long is useless, because Glaciers are melting even on minus temperature at accelerated rate. Instead for there claim on heat to be coming from atmosphere or from bottom of earth layers does not make any sense. Scientists instead need more research on checking PH levels on ice and water quality of the region.


Climate Change?

Burning Fossil fuel produce chemical gases that may be bringing some other changes to Earth's surface, which we never seen or heard before, and in some cases, damage cannot be reversed.

We summarize some of them as…

- Increased Droughts or sudden flooding due to pollution and Greenhouse gases.

- Increase in earthquakes and tsunamis, due to weakening of soil bondage at earths surface and in the Ocean.

 Mud Slides in Valley Areas, and Formation of sinkholes, due to changes in Earth`s bonded materials.

- Ocean and Soil to be more acidic, that limit life and food source on the ground and Ocean.

- Bleaching effect and die-off event in Coral reefs in the Ocean.

- Liberation of excessive Carbon Dioxide and Methane from ground and sea, due to acidic reactions in soil and under depths of Ocean. 

- Polar Ice cracks and melt due to lowered freezing point, by chemicals in rain/snow .


Potential Solutions and Safeguard:

(a) Emission Control:

- The world needs to find a way to manufacture less emission automobiles or mass manufacture of Electric cars or design pure Ethanol vehicle Engines. 

- Deploy strict pollution control policies for all factories, to provide  proper filtration and neutralization on liberated gases.

- Instead of burning coal or other fuels in power plants to produce Electicity = Install Solar panels in residential areas, and design solar power stations. 

(b) Ocean “chemical density" and Acidification control:

- Chemical fluids should not exit plants without treatment.

- Residential sewage waste should be treated all over the world before draining to Ocean.

- Laws should prohibit sea ships not to dump waste and Diesel oil in the ocean.

(c) Let the Green be Seen:

- Add more trees and prohibit bulk tree removals.


Further Actions:

(1)    USA, please do not withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

(2)    China and India, please control industrial pollution and population.

(3)    Iran, Israel and North Korea, please keep region clean from any war clouds.

(4)    Arab Countries, please plant 100,000 trees in your countries.

(5)    Brazil, please protect vanishing forests from loggers and plant fast growing trees.

(6)    The Climate Reality Project, please follow them 


The surface cracks on Polar glaciers are mainly caused either by
(a)  Shore water with heavy impurities entering the Icy area from beneath it.
(b) The seepage of acidic rain water through the top layers into depths throughout the body of ice.

In both cases above, water is dissolving the " ice and soil" of glacier bases, resulting in ice sheets to crack and dislodge.

As per rough calculation the melting of all North Pole-Greenland’s ice would be catastrophic and will cause ocean levels to rise approximately above 10 feet. However, "the ice volume" in South Pole-Antarctica is far greater than North Pole to cause worst flooding.

Future research in this topic includes, but is not limited to, research on how to reverse or aid nature in restoring environmental/atmospheric equilibrium in its water-ice cycle and research in architectural engineering/design on how to cope with the rising sea levels through the use of man-made structures. Any approach chosen in hopes of finding a solution from this issue must be prompt and efficient because the issue cannot be overlooked and it has reached such extents that man must take the initiative to find the answer now; time is running out.