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 TW: rape, sexual assault, violence

On December 19, 2017, The Daily Beast reported that ‘Silicon Valley’ Star T.J. Miller repeatedly raped, sexually assaulted, and harmed a classmate while an undergraduate student at the George Washington UniversityMiller graduated from GW in 2003 with a degree in psychology.

We — students, alumni, faculty, staff, members of the GW community, and concerned citizens — demand that President LeBlanc and university administration rescind T.J. Miller's degree.

Miller raped and assaulted his victim, who has asked to remain anonymous, on numerous occasions while a student at GW. As the victim told the Daily Beast:

  • “[Miller] choke[d] me, and I kept staring at his face hoping he would see that I was afraid and [that he] would stop… I couldn’t say anything.”
  • “[Miller anally penetrated me without my consent, which I actually believe at that point I cried out, like, ‘No,’ and he didn’t continue to do that—but he also had a [beer] bottle with him the entire time. He used the bottle at one point to penetrate me without my consent.”
  • The victim has a distinct memory that as they were “fooling around” at her place, Miller began “shaking me violently” and punched her in the mouth during sex.

Over the past few months, the powerful #MeToo movement has held sexual harassers and rapists accountable for their crimes. We need to send a clear message that GW stands with and believes victims of sexual assault.

It bears mentioning that in January 2016, GW rescinded Bill Cosby's honorary degree from the university.

There is NO excuse for President LeBlanc and university administration not to rescind alumnus T.J. Miller's degree.

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