We want Councillor Nick Small removed from his position

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My name is Brian and talking from experience of living on the streets across Liverpool i strongly advise the council as well as the general public to support this movement. For the first time I have witnessed the younger generation happy to reach out bringing love along with a indescribable energy creating a community of all ages, one big happy family. The success stories far over shine any negatives however we face battle with city councillor Nick smalls, who is responsible for the homeless community in Liverpool. He has not visited once and has set up traps using the Liverpool echo as a tool to control the public.

Images showing builds up of waste around our home has been used against us.. but this waste was due to be picked up by the council, who never came at the agreed time and shown up two days later to take photographs of the mess?

I ask you nick smalls where was you when I was starving and freezing in a door way on old hall street

Where was you when temperatures dropped beginning of this winter.

You have let down your People year after year and know when signature living brings hope to the people you have the audacity to try an step in the way and close us down.

Your actions have left me no choice in starting this petition to have councillor nick small removed from his position.

If the public wish to see change in Liverpool and stand a chance in a more positive equal future, Let’s remove this man so he no longer can abuse his position.

Power to the people!