Stop Bilston Delivery Office relocating to Wolverhampton.

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To all residents of Bilston, Bradley, Coseley and Hurst Hill. It has been confirmed by Royal Mail management that all Royal Mail staff will be relocated to Sun Street, Wolverhampton and that Bilston Delivery Office will be closed.

This not only causes a problem for Royal Mail staff but also the general public that live within these areas. It will mean having to travel a lot further to collect parcels. 

As the quality of service will greatly suffer It could mean customers will receive their mail and parcels later.

It is very difficult to park on Sun Street at the best of times, parking fees will be incurred and traffic is regularly congested. Imagine going to collect your parcel on a match day or during rush hour.

Bilston Delivery Office is conveniently located on the high street near the market, bus depot and shops. Many customers that go to collect their parcels frequent the market and shops and closing down the office will only cause loss of custom for the market traders and shop keepers. 

This move will benefit no one at all.

Please sign the petition and share this post. You can also get in touch with your local MP Pat McFadden.