General Opticians Council of the UK: Reinstate Ian Jordan

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General Opticians Council: Reinstate Ian Jordan

Ian Jordan is a global expert on optics and sensory integration, and over many years has helped thousands of children and adults with sensory issues related to Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, and other developmental disorders.

His coloured glasses, and systems for testing, have been groundbreaking. Children who could not recognise their parent’s faces have looked on those for the first time, or who have never been able to write in a straight line soared in educational attainment. Ian managed to get positive results for double vision, where the local hospital had failed repeatedly.

Jordan’s Opticians has been a lifeline for many—and often the only real improvement patients have seen in their quality of life. For myself, his glasses helped improve my balance and coordination. For parents and children desperate to improve, Ian’s practice has been a lifeline. I have recommended over twenty people to Ian’s practice who were experiencing vision and sensory issues in relation to developmental problems. Ian’s outstanding commitment to patient care, and his passion for improving the lives of children with sensory integration issues. His work has spread mostly by word of mouth, as patients who have seen positive results share their experiences with friends and family.

After a ten year investigation costing tens of thousands of pounds, the General Optician’s Council has struck Ian off  because—according to their ‘expert’ who has never seen Ian work, and never talked to any of the thousands of patients he’s helped—there ‘might’ be a theoretical risk and patients ‘might’ get ‘false hope’.

The GOC have also slurred his professional reputation by saying he ‘diagnosed’ autism unlawfully.  This is arrant nonsense, and one I can testify to personally.

As a responsible clinician, if a child is displaying a broadly recognisable set of traits related to autism in front of him, Ian refers the child and parents back to their GP for am assessment and, following that assessment, a diagnoses by the relevant NHS team. Any professional in the team around the child may do so. That is what happened in my case (and he wasn’t the only professional surrounding her raising those concerns, her nursery workers did the same) and the diagnosis of my daughter's Autism was made by the local diagnostics team. It is not possible in the UK for anyone to make an official diagnosis of autism other than a trained diagnostician, and the referral always goes through the Health Visitor or GP.

The GOC have struck Ian off because  . . . well, we’re at a loss.

Did he harm anyone?


Was anyone hurt by assessment received at Jordan’s Opticians?


Did his glasses or machinary blind people, perhaps?

Er. . .no.

Nothing. There is not a single cogent reason for striking Ian off.

He was struck off because ‘might’ be giving ‘false’ hope. Because there ‘might’ be a ‘theoretical risk’. In doing so the GOC ignored the thousands of real patient experiences in the face of nebulous “theory” from an expert who has not spoken to a single one of us.

Our voices, apparently, do not matter. The GOC have also ignored the testimony of a respected expert who HAS seen Ian work.

This was not an investigation. It was witch-hunt by a medical-industrial complex with a clear bias and an unethical agenda.

This petition is to call on the General Opticians Council to reinstate Ian Jordan, to retract their vile, inaccurate, and unjust findings, and to apologise to the Jordans for ten years of a groundless, vexatious investigation. 

Enough is enough.

Please add your voice to mine, and share if you can any positive experiences and real results you’ve had with Ian Jordan and his practice.  

I will continue to recommend Jordan’s Opticians—still in business—to all friends, family and acquaintances who are having sensory issues with vision. Jordan’s will be remaining my optician and my choice for my child.

Lucy Johnson