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Engineer continues to kill Albatrosses ~ two years in a row ~ walks off project.

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The Underwater Baitsetter was designed to lower the number of Albatrosses drowned on Long Lines.  (we lose over 300,000 seabirds to long lines annually; most are Albatrosses)  After (10) years of R&D and trial runs the device was to be launched off Nelson Harbor, NZ in March, 2017  Only Engineer, Phillip Ashworth, understood the boat installation. He refused to comply siting specious and irrational reasons.  Thousands of Environmentalists had eagerly awaited the launch.  Ashworth gave his word to Project Leader Dr. Graham Robertson that this would not happen again.  In February, 2018 ~ at the last minute ~ he refused.  At this time, we realized something was terribly wrong ~ putting the baitsetter in the water for a "Proof of Operation" run had to be done to move forward.  In March, we sent out a petition begging Phillip to reconsider.  No luck.  I  talked to other Engineers.  They were stunned that the device was not in the water years ago.  Questions arose about fraud.   Indeed, did Ashworth ever intend to launch the device.  After February Ashworth all but disappeared.

We are about Saving the Albatross.  Clearly, Graham Robertson's world has been rocked.  He is globally renowned for his work on behalf of the Albatross. There in no functional baitsetter after (10) years and only one person that can install and operate the device. We have received NO justifiable rational reason for why this baitsetter is not in the water.  The Foundation for Antarctic Research has championed Graham, the Albatross and the baitsetter since 2008.  Please call and/or email the Engineer, Phillip Ashworth.  Ask him to justify the (10) years and his current actions.  Help us Save the Albatross.   Email ~ Phillip.Ashworth@amerro.com.au   Phone ~ 61-7-5493-9311  PLEASE SIGN & SHARE!