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Leeds United Supporters
Leeds, United Kingdom

Dec 3, 2014 — We now have 10,000 signatures demanding that the Football League act in the best interests of Leeds United and not any other possible motives they may have.

With 10,000 signatures this petition now has the potential to interest the national press and journalists. We will be contacting them ourselves but urge as many of you as possible to contact them via Twitter, Facebook, email, post, telephone, in person or how ever you see fit to tell them about this petition.

You can ask them:

"Are you aware of a petition with over 10,000 signatures demanding that the Football League act in the best interests of Leeds United when it comes to deciding the club's future?"

You can share this link with them:

The crux of this matter right now is twofold:

1. With the football league perfectly aware that (even if he is guilty) on March 18th the conviction is spent. How can it possibly be of benefit to Leeds United Football Club to ban Cellino from doing his job of running the club for the next 95 days? They are just putting their weight about to prove a point. One of the mains goal of the Football League to protect its member clubs. How is this temporary ban achieving that?

2. The main aim of the Fit & Proper test is to use guidelines to try and determine if a potential buyer is fit and proper to run the football club. The rules are set out to be used PRIOR to that person taking over the club, to protect the club. But, if the aim is to see if that person is fit or proper to run Leeds United, why not disregard the non-Leeds United related past and try to determine if he is fit and proper to run Leeds United by seeing how he actually runs Leeds United. They are fortunate now to have the advantage of being able to assess if someone is worthy of doing a job by actually looking at how that person does that job. They don't need to look at previous dealings any more - because he's been doing the very job they are attempting to assess if he is capable of doing. It's equivalent of asking a kid to sit an entrance exam to a secondary school after he's already finished his a-levels at that very school. Some common sense is needed in this situation which, everyone is very quick to admit, is unprecedented.

I urge you to share this petition with as many people as you can and also PLEASE contact the press. Here are some online contact details and if you can spare a few minutes it would really help our cause. We're all in this together and all hoping for the same outcome - The Football League to see some sense in this situation.

Some Twitter Newspaper and journalist contacts:

There are many many more.

Let's hope we can, between 10,000 of us, get some traction from a few contacts on this list and elsewhere.

Many thanks

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