Jail time for animal cruelty in Macedonia

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In Macedonia animals are poisoned, beaten, tortured, starved in state owned shelters. Sometimes, they are even buried alive. (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

This is a CALL FOR SOLIDARITY, HELP and SUPPORT to address the way animals are treated in the Republic of Macedonia. PLEASE raise your voice for the stray animals in Macedonia. This is a country where animals are being regularly poisoned, tortured, starved or killed. Euthanasia of healthy and adoptable dogs and cats is legal and done with no supervision or accountability. Pets are being abandoned on daily basis, again with no one being held responsible and fined or punished, as the present Law on Animal Protection requires. Cases of horrible animal abuse almost never make it to court and abusers get to walk away free. This last case of torture and abuse of dogs has left us speechless and in horror:

Mass poisoning of dogs in city of Pehcevo, Republic of Macedonia - Communal services with excavators are collecting and throwing away the bodies of the animals, SOME OF THEM WHILE STILL ALIVE! WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT to prevent this madness! ➡️PLEASE inform the media and relevant institutions from your country about the cruel treatment of animals described below. ⬅️
The horrible photos and videos that we saw on 19.- 20.02  testify to the mass and organized poisoning of the animals in Pehcevo. The Public Utility Company of the town can be seen as they work with excavators, collecting and covering with dirt the dead but also still living animals in agonizing pain - a brutality that we have not seen so far, with the living animals with their last breath being thrown like garbage.
Our organization Anima Mundi  submitted criminal charges against Public utility Company and municipality of Pehchevo, demanding an urgent police investigation. An investigation by all competent institutions and services in the country, hoping for a most severe punishment for the organizers, the actors and implementers of this horror. We need international help, pressure and support.

Although in the Republic of N Macedonia there is a Law on Animal Protection and Welfare promoting ethical treatment, the violence and killing of the animals happens every day.

The differences are only in methods that vary from municipality to municipality. Most often animals are poisoned, they die in front of the eyes of the citizens, or the animals are tortured, starved and killed in the local stationeries. In rural areas, the animals are often shot dead.
Despite our countless reports of extreme cases of violence and killings we have submitted to the competent institutions, the Food and Veterinary Agency, the Ministry of Interior, the Municipalities and the institutions ignore our claims and undertake nothing to stop this.
‼️ VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/AnimaMundiMacedonia/videos/249972232572231/