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The Spirit of Leithers

Feb 2, 2015 — Due to the never ending Failure of Those that should know better. I have decided to resume this Petition. Although the building has been purchased, It is down to Council officials that everything is slowly grinding to a Halt. Everything that the Spirit of Leithers Facebook page Museum team have done to Promote the Museum to the World-wide Community is being held back by the distinct lack of direction by the same officials. 4 Months have been wasted when "Expressions of Interest" in making a Donation to Fund the Museum should/Could have been brought to the fore. Many Thousands of Pounds could have been Banked during this time. We were even asked to sing from the same Hymn Sheet and, Been accused of "Jumping the Gun". The way certain quarters are performing, Apathy will, yet again, set in. Please assist with sharing this Petition. Pressure needs to be applied yet again. Thanks for your support.


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