Boycott Under Armour for Rewarding Sexism and Discrimination in College Athletics

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Each year the multi million dollar apparel company of Under Armour partners with the National Association of Collegiate Athletic Directors (NACDA) to reward leaders in athletics. The recognition is supposed to go to AD's with exemplary achievement in leadership as well as Title IX equality and those who inspire student athletes to greatness.

Under Armour and NACDA have both refused to acknowledge the fact that they have repeatedly selected male athletic director winners who have been involved in  Title IX and discrimination lawsuits previously and currently. Winners like University of Iowa's Gary Barta who lost $6.5 million in a discrimination lawsuit, former Wayne State College AD, Eric Schoh , University of Minnesota, Duluth AD, Josh Berlo (currently in court) , Jack McDonald former Quinnipiac University AD (2.2 million), former Ohio University AD Kirby Hocutt and the list goes on.

Each of these men were or are currently involved in Title IX disputes of inequitable treatment, discrimination or sexism and have been permitted to recycle back through athletics despite embarrassing their universities and costing millions in time and money. Under Armour knows each year who the award winners are and they will not change their behavior until we hit their profit margins where it hurts.

Boycott Under Armour until they vow to stand up to NACDA and disallow NCAA athletic directors who violate Title IX and discriminate against women to be selected for their annual awards.