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Let Cable Media Know You Object to Skewed News

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I am an eighty year old native-born American citizen, the child of immigrant parents whose families brought them to the United States so that they could grow up in a democracy where they would be free to vote in open and fair elections. My family so cherished the idea of voting that, as children, we all went to the polls together with our parents to experience, first hand, the privilege of making individual voices heard. Voting was serious business. As an adult, I have never missed voting in any election. 2016 was the first year in which I felt that TV Cable News channels converted the process thoughtful debate of issues into a popularity pageant where "reporting" seemed more like ongoing front seats at a prizefight than serious, meaningful, informative discussions.

I plan to not turn on my TV at all on January 20 to let the media know that I am no longer interested in supporting their "bottom line" of advertising income through the conversion of news into entertainment. I believe that if people joined me in not turning on, for that entire day, it would begin to let the media giants who make programming decisions consider returning to real journalism in which issues are presented without bias and editorial opinions are labeled as such.

I am hopeful that people will want to sign my petition regardless of the candidate they supported. Wanting honesty and civility and decency as part of the democratic process is not a partisan position. Everyone who cherishes democracy will support a plea for the return to the expectation of fair elections, elections based on presentation of facts, not confusing, strident propaganda.

I want my grandchildren to grow up in a country where the political process is respected because it is trustworthy.

Please join me in signing this petition and in not turning on your TV on January 20.





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