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Models For Change Now is an initiative and collective group of over 200 BLACK models and fashion industry professionals who have come together to address the systemic racism within the fashion industry.

We believe sharing tangible commitments will help tackle discrimination faced by black and POC models and have transformative effects on racism throughout our industry.

Through exploration and reflection on our own experiences and by convening models and industry professionals to share and give feedback we offer the Anti-Racism Model pledge with 3 key demands.

1. The professional treatment of models of color.

Agencies and/or clients must ensure that makeup artists, hairstylists & stylists are skilled in working with black bodies, tones, and textures. If the client requires the model to arrive at the shoot with pre-styled hair that requires an out-of-pocket expense for the model (i.e., a blow out), the client is responsible for reimbursing the model day-of-shoot.

2. 15% representation of black models at major modeling agencies. 

15% represents the population of black people in the USA, and like the 15% pledge created by designer Aurora James asking for 15% shelf space in stores for black businesses, we believe that 15% representation of black models is a necessary target for reaching real diversity and inclusion.

3. Pay equity. 

We ask for a commitment that our agencies review all model rates quarterly, tracking for equal-pay by the client, and making sure that clients pay fairly. It is not ok for black and POC models to receive significantly lower fees than their white counterparts for the same job.

Support us by signing our petition! With your signatures, we can put pressure on brands, agencies, and those in positions of power to ensure the fairer treatment of black models.

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