Extra time for Lefties

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Lefties have a clear disadvantage!

With 1/10 people being a leftie, we are clearly the minority, and continue to be excluded for our differences.

We have a natural disadvantage from being left-handed when completing exams, as our writing is slow. It’s not a conincidence, it’s genetics

While a right handed friend may complete two booklets, we may only complete one page, which becomes heavily reflective in our marks. I repeat, genetic disadvantage.

They say we are more creative, but how can we express our creativity if we don’t have the extra time to help us to achieve greatness in the world.

We just need 15 more minutes. Just 15 more minutes to achieve greatness 

”everyday is a struggle” - Ami 

“I once got ink poisoning from the smudges on my hand” - Portia 

“I always write atleast two booklets due to my fast hand” - right-handed person who wanted to remain anonymous 

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