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The EU and the UK Government: Proscribe Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group

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We call on the EU to proscribe The Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG) as a terrorist organisation, and call for the UK Government to do the same, so they match in deeds its words committing it to fighting international terrorism. In doing so, it would be able to cut the funding to this group, as well as the individuals who support it.

We also call on the EU and the UK to list the IRG (Iranian Revolutionary Guards) as an international terrorist group. The IRG due to its central role in the Iranian Regime is one of the biggest supporters of state sponsored terrorism and has provided training and support for groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Due to its support of terrorist groups like Hezbollah it is the godfather of global terrorism. The IRG has become even more active in recent years and has also been heavily involved in targeting UK soldiers and other EU nation’s soldiers in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the IRG was alleged to have been involved in the Burgas bombing and is believed to be active through its international agents on European soil. To ensure that the EU is doing all it can to defend its own citizens we are calling on it to proscribe the IRG as a terrorist group.

You can find out why this organisation should be proscribed by the EU as terror groups here: .

You can read about the IRG's involvement in Syria here: 

We have a facebook page dedicated to this campaign that you can find here:

We are also encouraging people to write to their MP and MEP on this matter and you can find out how to do so here: ;

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