Put an End to Child Exploitation

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Exploitation is a big problem all over the world. Child exploitation also includes child trafficking, organ trafficking, drug trafficking, forced labor etc. Through deceiving and dishonesty child exploitation ruins young children's lives. 

"Of an estimated 215 million child laborers around the globe: approximately 114 million (53%) are in Asia and the Pacific; 14 million (7%) live in Latin America; and 65 million (30%) live in sub-Saharan Africa" according to http://continuetolearn.uiowa.edu . Washington D.C., California, New York, and New Hampshire are the main sites of forced labor. Although child labor is more common in Africa, Asia, and the middle east

  • Child trafficking is a major crime in the United States. The innocence of the child is used to the advantage of the perpetrator. The main sites for child trafficking are Georgia, California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York, and North Carolina.
  •  Organ Trafficking sometimes conducted after child trafficking. It is when organs are removed from one person either by trickery, financial state, or, choice. The broker/criminal would steal your organs after you are fainted/died, fake an infection and steal he organs, promise a large amount of money and then only give a little bit. The organs have price tags. For example, the lungs are worth $150,000-$170,000, the heart is worth $130,000-$160,000, cornea is worth $30,000, Liver is worth $150,000, etc. The broker however keeps all this money and gives the donor at most 5,000 if they are lucky. An average of 25 people die each day.
  • Drug trafficking is a huge crime that introduces young children to drugs. The seven-city chain is Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, New York, Miami, and Tucson. About 9,912,624.5 KGs of drugs are brought into the United States.

It is important that we do not continue to allow child labor as that would lead to situations as in other countries with extreme child labor. 

These conditions greatly damage the child’s health both psychologically and physically. This makes them more prone to anxiety, stress, depression, Rapid skeletal growth, Development of organs and tissues, Greater risk of hearing loss, Developing ability to assess risks, Greater need for food and rest, Higher chemical absorption rates. Smaller size, Lower heat tolerance, etc.

        These innocent children don’t know anything about child labor, drug trafficking, organ trafficking, or child trafficking. As fellow citizens it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone is aware of such crimes. If we are able to notice the change in characteristics of someone who is a victim of such crimes then we can stop it. If you could save a life, prevent someone from life-long mental and physical torture with just 1 speech, 1 drill, or even just some comfort, wouldn’t you do it? All it takes is to bring some more awareness, do a trafficking drill, make more anti-trafficking rallies/campaigns and put volunteers to protect children. If children are informed they would be less likely to fall for those tricks that would ruin their lives. We can stop the torture, the pain, the trafficking, the forced labor, and it all starts with your signature. Together we will pledge to protect that beautiful smile of that innocent child.

Solution /Changes needed in affected areas:

  • There should be random drug screening for High school or home school students, just like it is in the workforce. This will help provide help for the kids who have begun the drug abuse.
  • There should be psychological/school counselor screening for middle schoolers, high schoolers and home schooled students. This will help identify kids who have seen/are undergoing any kind of trafficking.
  • Self defense classes should be given to the kids to save themselves from the predators.
  • Just like Fire-drills, safety drills should also be provided so kids can be prepared when they face the situation

With much hope,

Sailasya P. Munamarty