AADHAAR needs to be linked to Voter Election ID

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AADHAAR is linked to PAN
AADHAAR is linked to Bank Account(s) - now mandatory to operate one’s accounts.

AADHAAR is linked to LPG Connection 
AADHAAR is linked to Marriage Certificates

AADHAAR is linked to Social Benefit Schemes

AADHAAR ‘not linked’ to Voter Election ID – Why?

Ever wondered why AADHAAR is not linked to Voter Identity Card (EPIC) - that's the hypocrisy of political parties. 

Linking AADHAAR with the Voter Identity Card (EPIC)it would:

Put an end to India’s vast Ghost (Non Existent) Voter Bank, who will no longer be able to cast their vote;

Spurious voting will be eliminated with biometrics;
Duplicate / triplicate Voter Identities will disappear.

Illegal Bangladeshi / Nepalese / Sri Lankan Migrants will not be able to Vote. 

Maoists who don't have AADHAAR cards - Can't Vote.

Kashmiri Separatists who don't want to be Indian Citizens can't vote.....

 Linking AADHAAR with the Voter Identity Card (EPIC):

Will Empower the ‘(true / valid / AADHAAR Compliant) Citizens with the right to Choose their Government.

Real Swachh Bharat can begin with the cleansing of the electoral system. 

Please sign the Petition to bring about this change. 

 India is our Country.

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