Dodo - Please Stop Supporting Facilities That Torture & Kill Helpless Domestic Rabbits

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The Dodo states they are a "halo brand for everyone who loves animals ­­from people who are obsessed with their pets all the way to committed animal advocates", yet continues to support and promote Big Cat Rescue Tampa, a self proclaimed "Sanctuary" that barbarically Tortures & Kills Live Helpless Tame Pet Rabbits, Rats, Turkeys and other animals in their unethical, inhumane bobcat rehab program.
Not only does Big Cat Rescue unnecessarily throw Live domestic pet rabbits and other helpless animals into rehabbing bobcat cages to be stalked and ripped apart alive, they also support the unnecessary breeding and killing of hundreds of domestic rabbits weekly to feed as "Treats" to their big cats when they are not a required diet of a big cat.

We the petitioners respectfully ask the Dodo to check out Real Animals in Need and Stop promoting Unethical Animal Facilities.   Promoting facilities that practice the cruelty and killing of helpless animals feels like exploitation to those who consider themselves to truly love animals.

You can watch Big Cat Rescue's proud live cams and videos of their outdated, unethical and barbaric Live Feeding bobcat rehab program hereYou can also read logical written Expert statements by Vets, Biologists, Rehab Professionals and other Educated animal welfare supporters about the unconscionable, unnecessary practice of Live Feeding one animal to another here

!!!WARNING!!! This video shows scenes of live animal predation. (live rats).

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Bobcat & White Domestic Rabbit

Bloody Rabbit Before Tiger Let In

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Live Opossum Being Tortured and Killed at Big Cat Rescue

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For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue