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MISSION:   To protect & enhance the quality of life for pets.

Every pet should be entitled freedom from hunger & thirst, pain, injury, disease, distress & discomfort.  

A municipality has the authority and is justified in passing bylaws related to animals.   Kitimat currently does not have a suitable, enforceable bylaw.  Municipalities without bylaws in place to address animal issues and standards of care, provide a safe haven for people who neglect or abuse animals.  

Bylaw should include:

No tethering for hours in all weather with no suitable shelter,

No leaving animals outside 24/7,

No leaving animals in hot vehicles,

No transporting animals in a truck box unless adequately secured 

Must provide basic food & water, shelter, sanitation & health

Non compliance fees should include impoundment fees for dogs running at large/off leash, owners not cleaning up after their dogs.

Having a bylaw would give bylaw officer authority to enforce and/or remove animal.

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