We need a Family Birth Centre in the ACT!

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The time is right...we are calling for a Family Birth Centre to be built in the ACT!

Birth centres offer continuity of maternity care which means childbearing women receive the majority of their care from a known registered midwife. Continuity of care has been shown to be the best model of care provision for women and their babies during labour and birth, regardless of risk. The statistics show that under this model of care there is a decrease in rates of intervention, premature birth, fetal mortality, stillbirth and neonatal admission to a special care nursery. Furthermore, women love it, reporting high levels of satisfaction with their care experience.

Canberra women love continuity of care but because our two maternity care hospitals are bursting at the seams many women miss out on the kind of maternity care they want. Currently, an average of 12 women a month miss out on a place at Calvary Birth Centre, and more than 40 women a month go without the continuity care they desire at Centenary Hospital for Women and Children. Due to lack of adequate resources, Queanbeyan Hospital too has been forced to turn away women from the ACT who historically have sought out the hospital's low risk model. Canberra’s population is growing at an ever-increasing rate, and more babies are born each year. The pressure of our growing population will only worsen this shortfall in services.

Please join us in our efforts to see a third birth centre built in the ACT so as to service the needs of the women and their families in our community!