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Seeking public support to change names of Military Bases honoring Confederate Soldiers.

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We are calling on the United States Army to change the names of the following Military Installations for reason they honor men who committed Treason against the United States of America:

1.      Fort Hood, Texas - Named for Confederate General John Bell Hood native of Kentucky. Joined the Confederacy even though Kentucky stayed in the Union.

2.      Fort Lee, VA – Named for Confederate General Robert E. Lee, a man who is said to oppose Confederate statues and monuments.

3.      For A.P. Hill, VA –Named for Confederate Lt. General A.P. Hill. Noted for his Soldiers killing Black Union Soldiers who surrendered.

4.      Fort Pickett, VA – Named for Major General George Pickett. Noted for hanging 22 captured Union Soldiers after hearing they once fought for the South.

5.      Fort Polk, LA – Named for Lt. General Leonidas Polk. Noted for his lack of success in combat and killed in action.

6.      Fort Rucker, LA – Named for Colonel Edmund Rucker. Note for being shot and captured in the Battle of Nashville. Released in a prison exchange and captured again when the Confederate Army surrendered in Gainesville, AL.

7.      Camp Beauregard, LA – Named for Confederate General Pierre Beauregard. Noted for firing the first shots at Fort Sumter, SC to start the Civil War.

8.      Fort Benning, GA - Named for Confederate Brigadier General Henry Benning. Noted for his advocacy for slavery.

9.      Fort Gordon, GA – Named for Confederate General John Brown Gordon. Noted for heading the Georgia Klu Klux Klan.

10.   Fort Bragg, CA & NC – Named for Confederate General Braxton Bragg. Noted for his ill temper.  

The Installations should be renamed to honor true American Heroes and Heroines representing the multi-ethnic make-up of the United States Army today. 

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