Shut Down Fancy Feet Pet Grooming; Permanently

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On Monday, July 30, 2018, my family dog of 10 years,Harlee, was killed by the carelessness of Fancy Feet “Professional” Pet Grooming in Vernon, CT. My Mother had left our 10 year old Papillon, Harlee, under the care of Fancy Feet for only two days while she was away at a wedding. A couple days later, she received a phone call that would change our lives forever. We were told that Harlee was being let outside by one of the kennel attendants and while this happened, the two bigger dogs were able to open their kennel door in a matter of seconds. They were able to do this because Fancy Feet has improper equipment for dogs their size. The dogs then attacked Harlee and she passed away instantly. This was not the dogs fault, but the carelessness of the owner, who did nothing to protect my poor dog and who is clearly incapable of handling this type of situation. Because of human error, my entire family is completely devastated. The owner of Fancy Feet should not be running a business that involves being responsible for the safety and care of other people's beloved pets. Two my sweet Harlee -  I hope that you rest in peace. You didn’t deserve this. No animal deserves this. My goal for this petition is to get Fancy Feet Pet Grooming shut down permanently. The loss of a pet is unbearable, and a tragic death makes it even more difficult to cope. Harlee showed unconditional love and was such a sweet soul. At the hands of the owners lack of supervision, three dogs lost their lives on this day. The two larger dogs were euthanized that night. This all could've been prevented if Fancy Feet had proper equipment and training for kennel attendants. My mom last words to Harlee were that she would come back for her. Due to this situation, she wasn't able to keep that promise. Please sign this petition to help us get justice for Harlee. Together we can get the door of a neglectful business shut for good.