Ban cruel glue traps in the UK

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Glue traps are sheets of card covered with strong adhesive, designed to catch rodents such as rats and mice. These traps can also entangle any small animal that touches them. Glue traps are banned as inhumane in Ireland, New Zealand and the Australian state of Victoria. But NOT in the UK, which claims to have the highest animal welfare standards in the world. Here, you can find glue traps for sale in hardware stores and online: they're cheap and ironically advertised as 'eco friendly', despite the suffering they cause to animals, who are obviously a central part of our ecosystem. 

Any animal that touches a glue trap, attracted by bait like cheese or seeds, becomes stuck to the glue. This in itself doesn't kill him or her: instead they slowly starve to death, struggling against the deadly sticky adhesive. Typically, the tray containing the trapped animal is dropped in the rubbish where the rodent will die slowly from a combination of starvation, dehydration and stress. Recently I was jogging along the canalside in London and noticed a small movement on the grass. A small mouse was stuck on a discarded glue trap, desperately struggling in the blazing sunshine. Mice are nocturnal animals so one can only imagine the terror this creature must have been feeling.  I took him to my local veterinarians to see if there was anything they could do but was told the glue had torn the skin from his limbs and the only option was to euthanise.

The Humane Society International (HSI) explains that death usually takes between three and 24 hours. Occasionally, the trapped animal is drowned in a bucket of water. HSI cites one experiment where it took an average of 2.6 minutes for a trapped rat to drown. Sometimes a trapped animal escapes by gnawing off a leg or other body part glued to the tray.

This petition is not arguing against all pest control, simply that rodents deserve to be protected from unnecessary cruelty. There are alternative humane methods of pest control that can be used instead: even old-fashioned snap traps, designed to immediately break the rodent’s neck, are more humane. Even the smallest and least appreciated animals with which we share our spaces deserve to be protected from blatant and heinous cruelty. Please sign this petition to urge the British Government to ban these horrific, outdated traps.