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Dallas Morning News: Dump the White Supremacist

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To the Editorial Board of the Dallas Morning News,

While compiling a list of nominees for the 2017 Texan of Year, you saw fit to nominate Richard Spencer, a well-known white supremacist. Nominating him, whether in a positive or negative light, only helps to embolden his message of prejudice, racism, and hatred.

Richard Spencer has clearly stated his desires for ethnic cleansing and for the U.S. to be a white nation. He has advocated for “a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans...a new society based on very different ideals than, say, the Declaration of Independence.” In addition, he’s declared that this “country does belong to white people, culturally, politically, socially, everything. We defined what America is.” He believes in white superiority and has emphatically stated that “all men are created unequal.”  

This kind of hatred has no place alongside those in the running to be 2017 Texan of the Year, including deserving and worthy nominees like Attica Locke, an award-winning novelist, or Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff, Sutherland Spring heroes. In fact, he should not be given any publicity, whatsoever, in any form, as it gives his beliefs a platform. We believe in no platform for avowed racist white nationalists.

Upon protest by the public, the DMN replied that their decision is okay because in 2007 they chose the 'illegal immigrant' as their Texan of the Year. This defense itself only makes matters worse, as the DMN is defending racism with yet another instance of racism -- this time its own. While the paper claims that it views the Texan of the Year as someone who made an impact, good or bad, we find it hard to see what impact Richard Spencer has had beyond attempting to make white nationalism mainstream. Naming him Texan of the Year only furthers that cause.

We call upon the Dallas Morning News to remove Spencer's name from the list of nominees and issue an apology for their severe lack of judgment on this decision. Granting neo-Nazis any sort of platform, regardless of the reasoning, is dangerous, violent, and unacceptable. If the Dallas Morning News refuses to retract this nomination with an apology, we call upon former and current nominees, previous winners, and DMN subscribers to let the paper know what you think of their decision to give space to such vile ideology, and to cancel subscriptions if they continue unbowed.


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