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I think it is completely unfair that rapists, pedophiles and ice addicts face a similar or lesser jail time/penalty than Jack Aston, the gold bus driver who accidentally drove into a bridge. 

He is set to serve 5 years or 2 1/2 with a chance of probation. An ice addict hit and instantly killed a young woman earlier this week and is serving the same sentence. I think this is completely unreasonable as he is suffering physical and mental pain already and is completely remorseful for his actions. Yes people were injured but nobody was killed. 

Yes he caused damage and was reckless but he never meant it intentionally and was an honest mistake. 

Jack was in the hospital with a broken neck, completely distraught and under the impression that he had killed people, until he had written confirmation he hadn’t, he was in a state of terror and panic. Recently an ice addict had absolutely no remorse after facing many fines and was let out to only take the life of a lovely young woman with absolutely NO REMORSE for his actions. 

The ice addict is facing 5 years and so is jack.. the criminal justice system is a complete wreck to even let this happen. 

We need to get as many signatures as possible to lessen or free jack!! This is completely disgusting!!!! We need to change this as soon as possible as he is suffering and his family is completely a mess.. 

I am in no way excusing what happened but I think he should get 6months in prison maximum and have his heavy machinery license suspended for 24months or permanently. 

please take a minute out of your time to try and help #FREEJACK