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Women need the chance to play a lead character in more films in order to improve how they are viewed in society. Star Wars has an immense following and would be a great place to start.

Letter to
The Creator of the new Star Wars movies
Please make the main character of the new Star Wars films a woman. I believe that it is extremely important because it will hopefully start a movement that will involve more women in entertainment and broaden the variety of their characters. Women in movies and television are often reduced to the girlfriend or crazy, hormonal cat lady while men have been allowed to evolve from hero, to funny guy to the new trend of nerd-chic. Women still play the damsel in distress and are still required to be "stunningly beautiful".
I believe that if a woman were to play the main character in the new trilogy, more attention would be brought to the issue. Princess Leia paved the way for strong female characters, and hopefully her successor will continue to fight against the stereotypical female role, not only for the benefit of women but for society in general.
Thank you all for your time,

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