Have nut oil warnings on skincare and cosmetics

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We have clear allergy warnings on food but skincare and cosmetics are distinctly lacking in carrying warnings. As nut allergies are more often than not sever and nut oils used so frequently in skincare and cosmetics as well as that there are so many chemical names for nut oils it’s a minefield for nut allergy sufferers! Even products you would think are safe are often made in a factory with something containing nut oil making contamination a risk.  So often there are products which become “new and improved” often this is the addition of the latest oil that’s trending in the beauty community. There is no way of consistently knowing if the products you are buying are safe or not! 

We have labels for “not tested on animals”, “cruelty free”, “vegan” and so on but NOTHING ABOUT NUT OILS! All that we ask is for a way of identifying if an item is safe to use or not.