Protect our Children-Metal Detectors for all Schools

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Yesterday, on March 20, 2016, another school shooting has occurred. This time in Maryland at Great Mills High School..... outside of my granddaughter's classroom. And, yet another death of a child and injuries to others. I am writing this petition as a grandmother who has had 2 grandchildren in 2 different states subjected to the fear and horror of a school shooting.

I know that there is a great fear sweeping the nation and a lot of arguing about gun control, etc. At this time, we need something done fast while the wheels of government grind on about gun control. 

I am asking our leaders, from state governors to the Senate to act immediately to place just one metal detector in each school. Just one. 

From my experience as a grandmother of 8 who has lunch with the kids regularly, I see a deadly flaw. ALL of these schools have great security, as most schools in America do. When I enter the only unlocked door with my treats for the kids, I am ALWAYS greeted by a resource officer, show my ID, sign in the register as to my reason for being there and given a visitor's pass. Off to the cafeteria I go. Who is to know that my plans were to pull a gun out of my purse and start shooting? Any incident like that would have been stopped had there been a metal detector I walked through.

Most Middle schools and High schools in the United States have doors locked, with one entrance for students and visitors to enter. This has been the norm since Columbine. If a metal detector is placed there, lives can and will be saved as we can screen for weapons BEFORE they get near our children!

In closing, I pray that you read this petition, sign it and share it with as many people as possible. As every one fights for gun control, teachers with guns, etc.. .we need to take quick action to save our kids.I will be sending this petition to Congress and the Senate for all of us to plead for safety of our children!   

Bless our children, Lord and keep them safe. 








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