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The Congress and the Executive Branch: Strengthen Deterrents, and Enforcement and Removal of Illegals

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Building on the successful removal of 2 million illegals in Obama's first term. There are still 10 Million illegals out there. These people broke immigration law, work illegally, drive illegally with no insurance or drivers license. Many under-report income to gain benefits for their anchor children.

There is a need for immigration reform that will increase the number of visas for skilled labor. We already let 1.4 million Legal immigrants in a year, the most in the world but we could let in 2 million. Provided that the following reforms are implemented:

To prevent ANOTHER 10 Million to come and replace those the Democrats want to grant AMNESTY too the following should be done immediately.In pieces or as part of a larger package.

1. Recreate the successful Bracero program for temporary agricultural and food processing positions.
2. Mandatory E-Verify for EVERY EMPLOYER.

3. Strengthen Secure Communities a MANDATORY FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAW. DOJ should force Sanctuary Cities to comply with FEDERAL LAW.

4. DACA Dreamers need to have an asterik on their criminal background check so that when they compete against LAW ABIDING CITIZENS their record shows that the Federal Govt overlooked misdemeanors and a violation of Immigration law, and forged or borrowed documents, and working illegally to grant this DACA person papers. An  Employer should have the ability to know that their potential hire has a preference for following rules and laws that are beneficial to them,, while ignoring those that are not. Fairness dictates that our young citizens compete fairly against DACA kids.

5. Kids bought here between the ages of 11-16 knew they were doing wrong.They should therefore be denied full citizenship until they have waited at least 10 years in line.  Permanent Residency gives them the ability to work and stay, but does not reward them or their parents for BREAKING MULTIPLE LAWS.

6. Reform the VISA system so that VISA holders pay more for entry. MIcrosoft and other big employers say the fee should be $2500.00 for employer sponsored Visa.  Make sure that the VISA is biometrically trackable.Insist that ICE enforces the VISA time....and actively removes  promptly the 40% of illegals who come in on VISAs and stay.  A deposit of a thousand dollars can be refunded upon leaving the country, and PAYPAL can do it for the US GOVT so there should be no excuses that a system like this is costly.

7. Any illegal after AMNESTY  that does not come forward  gets  registered by the Federal Govt within 90 days should be found and immediately deported.Limits on hearing delays to cut the cost of deportation.
8. ONLY BABIES born in the USA to LEGALLY PRESENT parents should be granted citizenship. Anyone here ILLEGALLY should not be. This is easy to determine.
9. ICE should immediately raid and detain both the employer and the   undocumenteds who are working illegally.

10.. After Amnesty 10 million illegals will not be bogging down ICE, so the Illegal immigrant reporting hotline should mean that within 72 hours an AGENT should investigate and take ACTION on any reported illegal. The community demands a partnership with FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT that has MEANINGFUL action. and does not have US Citizens ignored to favor illegals as is the current practice in the Obama Administration.
11. ICE DETAINERS need to be written into law as MANDATORY holds for 48 hours NOT VOLUNTARY holds.
12.The US government needs to get meaningful fines and fees from illegals. Some of this money needs to reimburse the states who have the most illegals for their cost of having to educate and medically treat illegals. A second trust should be set up by the Federal Govt to reimburse ANY Citizen who has had a family member injured or KILLED by an illegal immigrant. So that the kids of these citizens are guaranteed the same chance at escaping poverty that the Democrats want to give ILLEGALS.
13. Driving with Fraudulent license, no license, or insurance, or using fake or stolen SS numbers IS A CRIME and the FEDERAL GOVT should be enforcing the law and ESPECIALLY when it comes to IDENTITY FRAUD. The Federal government needs to start helping the victims of fraud instead of helping the ILLEGAL get away with  the crime as is current practice with USCIS.

14. Those who come forward and pass background checks, pay fines and   back taxes,  learn English and sign an admission that they HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES TO BE  ILLEGALLY PRESENT should be given a path to gain citizenship after they get to the end of the line. Years should be spent in the Green Card/Permanent Resident status. There needs to be an admission of guilt. In the American system of law, society insists it will show mercy if the offending criminal admits wrongdoing. This is done for the simple crime of parking tickets in the US court system, so it needs to be done in the case of ILLEGALS. This will go a long way to making things right with the Legal Immigrant and the US Citizen who sees the illegal as  both an exploiter and exploitable.

15. All American Indian citizens should be allowed to get INSTATE tuition at any State University in ANY STATE their tribe lived in prior to REMOVAL by the US Gov't. We extend ourselves for Mexican Indians but ignore American Indians in poverty. This is not fair, and it is NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

16. Any illegal immigrant after amnesty who tries to get emergency or education services from the state needs to be recorded so that the cost can be tracked, and so that the US Government can better enforce the NEW IMMIGRATION LAWS. The recording of immigrants using services does not deny them the service or stigmatize them, but it does prove the real cost good or bad of immigration. Both sides have hidden this cost for their own argumentss.

Until the US Government holds ALL people accountable to the law, and stops making excuses and special treatment for largely one ethnic group there is NO FAIRNESS,NO TRUTH in the LAW, and the Government is picking Winners and Losers.  It is important that a unlike 1986 any new reforms include ENFORCED  deterrents to prevent Big Ag and Construction contractors and other businesses  from hiring illegals. The US Government needs to protect its citizens and its economy from those who exploit it by using illegal immigrants. Our visas and our borders need to be secured as we assimilate 10 million illegals.


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