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On September 7th, 2011, a family of four landed in Toronto in order to start a new life. Their reason was to provide a future for the children, aged 10 and 8 at the time. With 3 luggages and a bit of cash, they began their journey as everything was put on the line. As months passed by, the family tried to fit in, getting assistance and finding residence, whilst everyone began school to learn English from scratch. At the end of 2012, the family was heard by the government about their desire to stay but were told that they have to be heard again. It took almost 6 years, until just half a year ago that the family was called in again. Over that time period,  both children learned English, completed elementary school and began secondary school, while the parents also learned English and began working in 2014. As both parents were educated, one a former college professor while the other was an engineer, they wished they could go back to their original professions but they took whatever opportunity came by and grasped it by the neck. They continue to work, as they pay taxes and contribute to the economy. The older son works as well, and both children have contributed to their city, country and even global community. This includes yearly food drives, which raise thousands of pounds of food for the homeless and low-income families, something which the family had to rely on when they first arrived. In 2015, over 200 drinking straws were bought from fundraising led by the children through their school and delivered to Kenyans in order to provide water filtration for at least 1 year per straw (800 litres of water). Yet still, this past summer, the family's desire to stay was denied, with no option to appeal. The family didn't give up and tried to find another way, however, on December 11th, 2018, over 7 years after their arrival, the family was told they have to go back home. It was clear that they were not wanted by Canada for reasons that were unclear and unlogical.

The aforementioned family is none other than mine. It's hard to take in what just happened over the last few weeks and months, as our hopes and love for this country that we have lived in over the past 7 years, years in which both myself and my brother have grown up and basically became apart of this society, slowly faltered and faded away. I realize this will come as a shock to many, some of you may not even know me and some of you might not even care. All I try to do is bring light and awareness to a serious issue that affects me and my family and who knows how many others. It is unfair, inhumane and cruel to take away what all of us have worked hard for over an extensive period of time in order to live a peaceful, successful life.

If you have read this far, I really appreciate you and hope you can share my story; Let the people know what is really going on and get this out into the public.